Harry Ried’s internet tax got approved in the Senate today.

TIme for “YOU” to call your local Congressman and tell them “NO” on the internet Tax.

Any new tax is one tax  too many.

If you snooze, you lose.

and dont come crying to me if your sick of Taxes. I did my part to try and stop any and all new taxes, tax increases or anything that gives any local, state, or federal more taxes in any form whatsoever.

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I earned free ammo and beer yesterday…..


There is a small group of women shooters that I met about a month ago or so. I help them out with finding 9 mm ammo, and they help me out with .223 ammo during this great ammo drought or 2013.

Yesterday, one of the women and her nephew at the range and they both shot one of my AR-15’s for the first time.

This lady just got her first gun three months ago, a Glock for personal carry. She’s really into shooting all the time now. After yesterday, she wants an AR-15 for herself. She’s really happy about shooting now and goes out to the range once a week with her Glock. Now that she’s fallen in love with an AR-15

One of her friends has two AR’s she just purchased over the past months. I will take this lady out to the range soon with one of her rifles so I can teach her to shoot her AR’s.

This is how Freedom begins….A responsible citizen purchasing a rifle and learning how to use it, safely and responsibly.

Just so you know, thease women are just friends of mine and will remain just that. Two things that I like seeing, the smiles on new rifle owners faces when they hit a bullseye at 100 yards at the range, and another when they wake up and realize they are now Patriots.

This group of women just being friends of mine did joke around and said they would get me free beer and ammo. That was funny, so thats why I used it in the title of this post. Nothing like free ammo and beer.


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Ok’ everyone.

Go get more ammo. This ain’t over yet.

More gun control legistlation is underway and the feds are going after imported reloading equipment (and everything else)

64 million of you rat basterds voted Democrat Nov, 6.

If your a gun owning democrat right now, I hope your happy.


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Women Shooters

Theres a group of women shooters that are always looking for 9 mil (9mm)

I stand in line and if Im able to buy some boxes of 9 mil, I pass it at cost over to a group of women shooters I know. They in turn are trying to find .223 for me. Everyone works togather.

I totally dig armed women, they wont take any crap from anybody….

One other good thing about “The Great Ammo Drought of 2013” we all get out and spend time with each other, we talk, crack jokes and trade wisdom on guns etc…

I may actually miss the quality time I get with other shooters when this is all over…

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I left the house at 3:30 am to wait in line for ammo.

A big cold front was not supposed to arrive until 8:00 am. I figure I would be out before the front hit….


I got caught in the rainy cold at 3:45 am and froze my butt off until 8:00 am when the store opened. My pain and suffering was rewarded with a 1600 round box of CCI .22 long.

Yeah’ like I said before, I got extra ammo. I just don’t want to use up what I have, I need to keep some for emergencies like when a neighbors cat gets stuck in a tree and it needs to be taken (out) down or when I get the craving for sweat potato possum pie.

When is this ammo shortage going to go away….

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Earth Day is also Lenin’s birthday….Go Figure

Earth Day is also Lenin’s birthday, go figure

commie enviromentalist. I hope they all freeze to death in the dark.

Also, go read a good book “Enemies, Foriegn and Domistic” by Matthew Bracken (the blue one out of the three)

its the best….


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Earth Day (and AMMO STUFF)

Today is Earth Day…..


At work I borrowed a hacksaw and hacksawed off my catalytic converter on my truck. 

Thats what I think of Earth day….


Really, a lot of this global warming stuff is just to start a new trillion dollar industry that that will need a trillion dollars in global taxes. The real cause of global warming is increased solar activity which has been happening naturally over the last four billion years.

“Global warming  and Climate change” are the biggest scams ever created in the history of civilization.

If you can think of a bigger scam, let me know.

By the way, anyone got opinions on the ammo shortage…whats going on where your at???

We may need the ammo to shoot environmentalist fruitcakes…(just kidding)

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Ammo Shortage?????

I’d say yeah, theres and ammo shortage. Lots of unhappy people cant get ammo waiting in line at Walmart at 5:30 am untill 7:30 am for someone from Walmart to bring the ammo out, just to find out that there is nothing in that pile you can use.

9mm, .223/5.56 and 22 long are the hardest to get. I know at one major sporting goods store in my area they are selling 1600  boxes of CCI 22 long for $129.00 each (with Tax) and I hope to get one of those boxes soon for myself.

This whats going on….

If you did not stock up on ammo in the past few years knowing all the threats out there as a prepper/survivalist, then you lose.

If you did stock up on ammo, then good for you. I have some extra ammo, but instead of using up my reserves. I am trying to find what I can at the stores and shooting carefully and not waisting bullets.

This is a good lesson on shooting discipline.  They used to say in the old days when someone went deer hunting, take 20 rounds, come back with 20 deer.

Another famous saying was “Don’t fire unless you see the whites of thier eyes” going back to the Revolutionary war.

Its all based on self discipline, If you master self discipline, you can master anything (I got that line from an old guy that knew his stuff many, many years ago)

Go out there and find some ammo at a discount store at a good price, then shoot it “carefully”

Stay in practice, evan if you only shoot 25 rounds at the range…..





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Framboise Manor

There is a fellow blogger that I have known the longest out in the blogosphere. Her name is Kymber and her husband is Jambaloney.

they got a real neat old house they have been restoring up in Canada. Check out their blog sometime….Kymber and her hubby are a class act.

I gotta add to a story about the real Dirty Dozen from World War Two…this is the ultimate obituary from a true badass. check it out


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Well now they know who the suicide bombers are in Boston. Muslims no less. I know there are some decent muslims here in the U.S., but if any are unhappy, feel free to go back to where you came from or go someplace where you can be happy.

On the prepardness thing and how this relates to the deal in Boston, stay away from large crowds, mobs, unattended bags, and people that look like bad people. Your instincts may be “politically incorrect” but if they keep you alive, then your doing something right.




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